Team Fortress 2 – The Mac Update!

Team Fortress 2 Earbuds

The day Ian Fleming invented penicillin. The day scientists invented the moon landing. The day Sir Isaac Newton distracted the policemen investigating his wife’s murder by discovering gravity. All of these historic moments have two things in common. They helped steer the course of human history. And they’re all days you’ll skip past in future history books to get to today: the day Team Fortress 2 became available for Mac users.

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Your Mac Questions Answered

Saxton Hale

Mac and PC users will all play together, on the same servers. Were not creating two separate universes. Were all going to be one big, happy family with guns locked in a bloody, never-ending struggle for cap points.

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Dammit dammit dammit dammit!

These may seem like obvious lessons, but knowing for certain why a particular idea doesn’t work can often be as valuable as an idea that does. This process highlighted specifically where and why the Engineer is valuable, and how even slightly altering this value can have game-shattering implications.

I love playing this game, Valve has some seriously smart game developers behind the scenes here…

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