The difference between customization and tailoring

What’s the difference between customization and tailoring? Both are made to fit one, it’s just that there is an inversion of control. In customization, I choose amongst many options; with tailoring, I relinquish control and let some one else create the final result. Things are typically one or the other, and to invert them seems odd. Would you ever let someone else choose the options on your car or the car itself for you? Would you ever demand that you measure yourself for a bespoke suit? I’ve tried, it’s difficult. What’s the value of expertise? If I pay more to have a bespoke suit made for me, I’m choosing to lose control in the final result. With lower price-points, I gain control and more say in the outcome. And, just so you know, it’s also difficult to measure yourself for a fitted cap. I’ve tried the whole thing with wrapping the string around your head and measuring it, but it never works. You just have to try them on. Is just trying things the midpoint between self-made customization and inflicted tailoring? Just so you know, this is a thinly veiled analogy for client work.

via Frank Chimero’s Blog.

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Posted by Jake Spurlock June 10th, 2011 — No Comments