The Difference in Apple Software

We were making great progress, but we couldn’t get it done alone. Creating sophisticated software requires a team effort. One person can use smoke and mirrors to make a demo that dazzles an audience. But shipping that to a million customers will expose its flaws and leave everyone looking bad. It is a cliche in our business that the first 90 percent of the work is easy, the second 90 percent wears you down, and the last 90 percent – the attention to detail – makes a good product. Making software that is simultaneously easy to learn, easy to use, friendly, useful, and powerful takes people with an incredible combination of skills, talent, and artistry working together with intensity and patience.

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What’s new in Aperture 3

Find a face in a crowd

Faces automatically detects faces in your photos. Once a face is detected and identified, Faces can recognize that face and then scan your entire library — or individual projects — to find others just like it. It can even find a specific face in group shots. The more you use Faces, the smarter and more accurate it gets, making it easier to find shots of a particular person.

I use Aperture all the time, this look like a pretty solid update…

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