Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Your Interviewer

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During my lengthy job search, I’ve discovered two important things. One: I may have a lot of the answers; but two: I don’t have all the questions.

“Two” got me thinking. In the few interviews I’ve had, I’m bombarded with all kinds of HR-spawned psychological and philosophical questions, and often an online application—pre-interview—will have many similar questions. Some have been insulting, benign, or clearly meant to trip up an applicant with conflicting answers. You know the drill. “Explain a situation where you’ve missed a deadline and what you did to correct the situation.” Well, I’ve never missed a deadline! When an interviewer would ask if I had any questions for them, I’d have a few prepared, but they never seemed to be the right ones.

To correct that mistake and, frankly, turn the tables, I assembled a reference list of questions I thought should be addressed from a candidate’s viewpoint. I had been inspired by the story of Peyton Manning’s first meeting with Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. Irsay was impressed that Manning interviewed him as much Irsay interviewed Manning. Imagine Manning asking questions like, “How committed are you to winning?” or “What kinds of coaches am I going to work with?” Questions such as these are relevant for any job candidate.

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