The Minimalist

Also Known As: The Puritan, the man who never wears color.

  • Dress code: Gray or black suits, white shirts, basic ties.
  • First known sighting: Plymouth Rock, 1620.
  • Recent sighting: Mad Men, Sundays at 10 (9 Central).
  • Hall of Famers: Mies van der Rohe, Malcolm X, the Reservoir Dogs.
  • Signature accessory: N/A.
  • Pickup line: “You’re wearing my favorite shade of black.”
  • Favorite book: The Big Sleep.
  • On his iPod: Explosions in the Sky.
  • In his driveway: Lexus LS Hybrid. In black, obviously.
  • In his closet: One-button wool suit ($1,295) and cotton shirt ($275) by Calvin Klein Collection; silk tie ($125) by Hugo Boss; leather shoes ($530) by Prada

via American Men Style – How American Men Dress – Esquire.

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