How to Hate the Beatles

1. Make sure you like something interesting. As soon as you’ve announced that you hate the Beatles, the first question on some people’s minds will be what the hell you think is so much better, then, big shot. You need to answer this question in a way that confuses people. You can’t just say “Shostakovich” or “Mobb Deep” or “Dylan,” or else everyone will assume they already have your number: You hate the Beatles because you only listen to classical, or hip-hop, or are still fighting over the sixties. My advice is to pick two or three very different things you enjoy, just to underline that the people you’re talking to don’t know you like that, not yet. Maybe you prefer Chuck Berry, early Detroit techno, seventies German progressive rock, and TLC, all of which are awesome.

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The Lasting Echo

I have a theory about where the album title comes from for Fictionist new album comes from…

Simply after attending a show, the lasting echo is why your ears are still ringing, and your toes are still tapping to the songs.

Been a treat to hear the new album, look forward to seeing the band when they get back to Utah.


Robbie and Caitlin: You snooze and you… still have a second chance!.

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