Starbucks Listens to Customer Request for More Sizes

Starbucks big cups

“Whether customers are looking for a large or small size, the Plenta and the Micra satisfy all U.S. and Canada customers’ needs for more and less coffee,” said Hugh Mungis, Starbucks VP of Volume. “Our size selection is now plentiful.”

via Starbucks Listens to Customer Request for More Sizes | Starbucks Coffee Company.

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Google’s hoaxes

Google Books available in Anachrome 3D

Google books has introduced a feature which allows any book to be read in 3D, assuming the viewer has appropriate glasses. It is enabled by clicking the “View in 3D” button in the menu bar above the book.

Store anything on Google Docs

Google announced that Google Docs will have the capacity to upload anything, including physical objects like keys, remote controls, etc. The site declared that one could use this to find items like keys using CTRL-F and send objects around the globe by “uploading” and “downloading” them, at the low price of $0.10 per kg.

Google Street View available in Anachrome 3D

When using Google Street View you can change the view to display anachrome 3D images. It can be enabled by clicking on the orange Street View icon, now depicting a man that is wearing Red/Cyan glasses. The man seems happy when wearing the glasses, unhappy when he just has them on his head. The 3D is genuine, with the red/green offset being greater for closer objects.

Google Maps OCCA

Google Australia changed directions for Google Maps Australia to use Australian Slang terms in the direction results. Examples of the altered directions include “You need to go south towards [street name] mate”, “Hang a right when you get to [street name]”, “Chuck a left when you get to [street name]”, “Ya gotta take the turn off onta [street name]” and saying “Ya might have to cough up some cash along here” to indicate toll booths.

Search results generated in different units

Google's search results page displayed the time taken to load the results in different units than seconds; for example microfortnights, microweeks, nanocenturies, epochs, femtogalactic years, parsecs, 23.00 skidoo, jiffies, shakes of a lamb's tail, gigawatts, hertz, Planck times, centibeats, centons, warp factors and “times the velocity of an unladen swallow”, a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The value for gigawatts is always 1.21, a reference to Back to the Future.

YouTube ASCII video filter

The logo of YouTube was changed to an ASCII-style one made out of 1s. The YouTube logo is a reference to some videos having a new quality setting, namely “TEXTp”. According to a notice underneath the videos, viewing the video with this quality setting enabled allows YouTube to save one US dollar ($1) per second on bandwidth costs. The notice also remarks on the source of this new “feature”, wishing the reader a happy April Fool's Day.

However in accordance with the announcement, the video quality on some videos can indeed be set to 'TEXTp' and video output will be rendered through an ASCII filter.

Animal Translator BETA

Google placed a link on the main page, advertising a new Google Animal Translator service to add to their Language Translator service. Clicking the link would take you to a page advertising an app for Android phones for the translator, with the tagline being “Bridging the gap between animals and humans”.

Once the app is installed on an Android phone it provides some amusing translations depending on the animal you select.


Effective 1AM (CDT) on April 1, 2010, Google jokingly changed its name to “Topeka.”

Standard Voicemail Mode for Google voice

Google placed a New! Standard Voicemail Mode link in the Google Voice main page.

Evil Bit

Google added an “evil bit” to their API, to aid in generating an appropriate response to nefarious deeds. If an evildoer is “detected”, the code returns with, among other things, “For Great Justice”, a quote from the video game Zero Wing.

Wave Wave Notifications

Google Wave can be set to have a human being wave at you to notify you of a change to a Google Wave.

Google Annotations Gallery

The Google Annotations Gallery (“GAG”) is an exciting new Java open source library that provides a rich set of annotations for developers to express themselves.

Japanese Input System

Google’s proposed keyboard includes a single key for each Japanese character.

Gmail vowels

The home page of GMail (English version), including its logo, has been disemvowelled.

Chrome Sounds (Google Chrome Extension)

Google created a new extension, Chrome Sounds, after “months deep in psychoacoustic models, the Whittaker-Nyquist-Kotelnikov-Shannon sampling theorem, Franssen effects, Shepard-Risset Tones, and 11.1 surround sound research”. The extension provides audio for actions performed within the Google Chrome web browser.

Life size Picasa

Google offered an option which allows the user to print lifesize cardboard cutouts of all of their photos.

via Google’s hoaxes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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