Top Gear US: why I hate the presenters already – James May

Anyway. I’d now like to consider the US version of the popular television soap Top Gear. I don’t envy the three blokes who have this job, because they are required to adopt a format that is already, for some strange reason, watched all over the world in its original guise.

There they are, hamstrung by our conventions but bereft of the eight-year inheritance during which we have carefully cultivated our mutual loathing of each other.

Ultimately, though, I believe they will vanquish us and stand on our mutilated corpses, holding Clarkson’s severed head aloft like Perseus triumphing over Medusa, and all because they have the right names.

via Top Gear US: why I hate the presenters already – Telegraph.

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Posted by Jake Spurlock January 20th, 2011 — 1 Comment

  • Abbot

    I wanted to like it but just couldn’t get into it. Just made me re-watch all the past UK episodes.