Mad Men Season 4 Poster

Mad Men Season 4 Poster


Exclusive First Look: ‘Mad Men’ season 4 poster! | Ausiello |

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Pretty Excited about Inception…

The mind-blowing movie event of the summer arrives just in time to hold back the flow of Hollywood sputum that’s been sliming the multiplex. ‘Inception’…will be called many things, starting with James Bond Meets ‘The Matrix.’ You can feel the vibe of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ in it, and Nolan’s own ‘Memento’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’ But ‘Inception’ glows with a blue-flame intensity all its own. Nolan creates a dream world that he wants us to fill with our own secrets. I can’t think of a better goal for any filmmaker. Of course, trusting the intelligence of the audience can cost Nolan at the box office. We’re so used to being treated like idiots. How to cope with a grand-scale epic, shot in six countries at a reported cost of $160 million, that turns your head around six ways from Sunday? Dive in and drive yourself crazy, that’s how.

via Peter Travers Reviews Inception, Praises Nolan’s Non-Commercial Head Trip of a Thriller | /Film.

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Maybe the greatest song of all time?

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists cover Tears For Fears

I have been listening to a lot of new wave/pop stuff from the eighties lately and Everybody Wants to Rule the World just really resonates with me. This is a live version that Ted Leo and the Pharmacists recorded a little while ago.

Great cover.

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This is why I love Steve Jobs

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » Apple Goes Semi-Pro Part One – Cringely on technology.

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iPhone 4 review — Engadget

Were not going to beat around the bush — in our approximation, the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone on the market right now.

via iPhone 4 review — Engadget.

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The Half-Life Connection

Valve fans that played through Portal may have picked up on the game’s subtle references to Valve’s biggest franchise, Half-Life. GLaDOS mentions Half-Life’s Black Mesa in the closing song, and a Powerpoint presentation detailing the financial competition between Aperture Science and Black Mesa can be seen in the later sections of the game. Given that Portal and Half-Life have vastly different tones, the link between the two titles seems a little odd. Valve’s other major franchises – Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress – have received their own distinct settings, so why was Portal an exception? The answer is simple – it was a decision made out of necessity. But to understand the dilemma, we have to go back to Portal’s humble beginnings.

via Opening The Portal: Exploring The Game’s Development – Features –

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2010 Bonnaroo Downloads and Streams

Good list here… Dave Matthews Band, She and Him, Weezer, Flaming Lips, Jay-Z, LCD Soundsystem, Norah Jones, Regina Spektor, Tenacious D, and Ween among others…

Why go to the show when you can listen at the comfort of your computer!

Largehearted Boy: 2010 Bonnaroo Downloads and Streams.

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On the set…


Seinfeld on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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Team Fortress 2 – The Mac Update!

Team Fortress 2 Earbuds

The day Ian Fleming invented penicillin. The day scientists invented the moon landing. The day Sir Isaac Newton distracted the policemen investigating his wife’s murder by discovering gravity. All of these historic moments have two things in common. They helped steer the course of human history. And they’re all days you’ll skip past in future history books to get to today: the day Team Fortress 2 became available for Mac users.

via Team Fortress 2 – The Mac Update!.

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How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries

Im gonna come right out and say something that Im sure you wont all openly agree with: McDonalds french fries are great. At their best, they are everything a french fry should be: salty, crisp, light, and not greasy. Granted, you get the occasional odd franchise that letsem sit under the heat lamp for a couple hours too long, but on the whole, I find it remarkable that the bigwigs have discovered a way to create a frozen fry that even a one armed eyeless chimp has trouble screwing up. And I know, because they’ve got one working the fry station at the franchise on my corner.

via The Burger Lab: How to Make Perfect Thin and Crisp French Fries | A Hamburger Today.

I did it. I made french fries that rival those at McDonalds. I have this post to thank for that.

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