The iPad

What hasn’t been said already?

I know, no Flash. Bummer.

4:3 aspect ratio. Old fashioned?

There are two clear camps here, those that love, and those that are underwhelmed/hate the device/cry themselves to sleep at night knowing that they won’t be able to watch Hulu on the device.

Would it be nice to see Flash, absolutely. As a dyed in the red HTML/CSS developer; I am not the biggest proponent of Flash, but currently this is a device that doesn’t have the mouse and a keyboard interface that Flash requrires.

It is a tablet.

A tablet that is made to be interacted with fingers.

Here, Hulu, Farmville, and every other major site has the chance to change, and embrace newer web technologies. Or at a minimum embrace iPhone app development.

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Posted by Jake Spurlock February 2nd, 2010 — No Comments